Well hi all,

over the past four years or so I have

been producing terrain for my gaming

needs well I Have now more terrain

then I need and have to find a new

direction for my gaming hobby.

So I have started to work as a

Mantic Pathfinder.

I love Kings of war , as well as

dead zone and Dreadball, so it was

easy to apply for the program.

So this blog will start with showcasing

my activities with the Mantic pathfinders


There will still be times I will

place terrain projects on the blog

but it will now be the home to the

adventures of a Mantic Pathfinder

in one of the remote capital city's

around the world, Perth Western Australia.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

some new models to paint

we I have some new terrain to piant. I have the new deathknell watch, and I have built a hanging tree for one of the tables. It will be based around the undead.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

mighty empires

well quick up date.
I have put it on a back bourd and now can hang it.
It can still come of and be reformed thanks to magnets.

My lattest addition - not quiet terrain

Well I have beeen working on a map for the use on a caimpainge. next will be the rules and player pack for the group hoping to have it up and running by June

sorry about the posts delay

Well the last month has been busy, I have started a new job 8 weeks ago, well that is a busy time. I have also been a TO for the club WHFB tournament. so I had to work with that.

I have not completed as much as I liked in the terrain front.
But I did TO a Tornament this month and well it did take away some of my hobby time. I did enjoy the fact that I had five tables of terrain from my collection out and in use.
I have noticed that When I was using the club table tops the terrain did not look finished. I feel I will have to make some the table tops for the terrain as well. I guess it would just be a different form of baseing and a larger scale.

well here are the tables I put together from my terrain collection that we used on the day. I have worked out that my collection is really growing and even though it is being built for my hobby event it is still usable for normal gaming tables.
One of the great things is to see your terrain in use by a group of players at a tournament, this way other get to enjoy the labour of your work.