Well hi all,

over the past four years or so I have

been producing terrain for my gaming

needs well I Have now more terrain

then I need and have to find a new

direction for my gaming hobby.

So I have started to work as a

Mantic Pathfinder.

I love Kings of war , as well as

dead zone and Dreadball, so it was

easy to apply for the program.

So this blog will start with showcasing

my activities with the Mantic pathfinders


There will still be times I will

place terrain projects on the blog

but it will now be the home to the

adventures of a Mantic Pathfinder

in one of the remote capital city's

around the world, Perth Western Australia.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pathfinder Updates

Kings Of War

Well I have Got my first Kings of War event on Saturday the 29th November 2014 at one of the local gaming stores, Good Games.
I have use of the table for free and really looking for the opportunity to have the game stow cased there. Giving the store owner a chance to have mantic products in the future.

so we are having a 800pt event with four round , at this point I have eight player spots. this is the first time we have seen a kings of was tournament in WA so I am not expecting much. If I can get eight players I will be happy with that.We are just starting the road to getting people playing so it is good to take what you can and build on it.

Mars Attacks

Mantic have just started to get Mars Attcaks out to retailers and seems to have not got the traction yet in the market place. they have asked if we could do some demos with mars attacks in the deadzone universe so I will look at getting this happening. I will admit that my Kickstater only just arrive this week so I really have not been able to demo Mars attacks yet. So with the arrival of mars attacks I am going to start doing a couple of demo and get the ball rolling with the board game crowd as well.

Dread ball

well I have started to put together a players pack for a dreadball league at the club. I hope that the club would approve the League to start in the new year. I am again only looking for about 6 to 8 players to get it of the ground and practice running a league. If it works out I hope to get the small leagues running at a couple of clubs this may then build the player base. We do have a lauge following of blood bowl so with dreadball still being supported I hope that we can get some regular groups playing. this season I will be playing  - The Red Planets - my mars Attacks dreadball team.

Just need to paint them, I have started on the first test model already.


well I have a new demo board for the game now just got to get it to the table. at this point I have no big plans or leagues yet. I will just get the game out and do demos next week I am at good games with some demos of the the game.

Kings of War - 2nd edition,
well that starts this week so will get on to that when it launches the kickstarter on Friday UK time.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Round two of the Kings of War event

Well what a night. We had Six players to the Event. Great to see you all there.
We all played scenario 2 from the Hellfire and Stone Campaign Book
750 pts with no additions, We had two players who never played Kings of war before in that mix.
with loaner armies they picked up the rules very quickly and by game three where well into it.

The game was ambush at Redblade ridge, and had a different set up. It was cool not to just set up on the board edge and just go for it.

We all managed to get two games in with one group getting three games in the night. we both played attackers and defenders.

So this is the second time we have met to play the campaign and have our painting finished.
I look forward to round three.

But before round three we have a gaming day event ( not quite a tournament) at the local gaming store
Saturday 29th Sept. at Good games Rockingham,
At this point a 800 to 1000 pt gaming for new and old Kings of war players.

also coming up is

Kings of War demos at outpost south on Tuesday 4/11/2014
Deadzone and Mars Attacks demos at Good Games Rockingham on Monday 17/11/2014

but for now Photos of the night.

A visit to the local games store.

Well Monday is the local games store miniture gaming night, so I took down the mars attacks demo to good games Rockingham. there where just a couple of war machine players there as well as a group of magic players.
I was able to talk to the store owner and tee up a time to do some demos of Mars attacks, ( I hope the kick starter arrives soon) and dead zone .
so Monday 17th November is Mantic demo night at good game Rockingham.

I was able to get some demos of Mars attacks in on Monday with the store owner and a couple of magic players between rounds.

let the mad mantic mondays begin.