Well hi all,

over the past four years or so I have

been producing terrain for my gaming

needs well I Have now more terrain

then I need and have to find a new

direction for my gaming hobby.

So I have started to work as a

Mantic Pathfinder.

I love Kings of war , as well as

dead zone and Dreadball, so it was

easy to apply for the program.

So this blog will start with showcasing

my activities with the Mantic pathfinders


There will still be times I will

place terrain projects on the blog

but it will now be the home to the

adventures of a Mantic Pathfinder

in one of the remote capital city's

around the world, Perth Western Australia.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Round two of the Kings of War event

Well what a night. We had Six players to the Event. Great to see you all there.
We all played scenario 2 from the Hellfire and Stone Campaign Book
750 pts with no additions, We had two players who never played Kings of war before in that mix.
with loaner armies they picked up the rules very quickly and by game three where well into it.

The game was ambush at Redblade ridge, and had a different set up. It was cool not to just set up on the board edge and just go for it.

We all managed to get two games in with one group getting three games in the night. we both played attackers and defenders.

So this is the second time we have met to play the campaign and have our painting finished.
I look forward to round three.

But before round three we have a gaming day event ( not quite a tournament) at the local gaming store
Saturday 29th Sept. at Good games Rockingham,
At this point a 800 to 1000 pt gaming for new and old Kings of war players.

also coming up is

Kings of War demos at outpost south on Tuesday 4/11/2014
Deadzone and Mars Attacks demos at Good Games Rockingham on Monday 17/11/2014

but for now Photos of the night.

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