Well hi all,

over the past four years or so I have

been producing terrain for my gaming

needs well I Have now more terrain

then I need and have to find a new

direction for my gaming hobby.

So I have started to work as a

Mantic Pathfinder.

I love Kings of war , as well as

dead zone and Dreadball, so it was

easy to apply for the program.

So this blog will start with showcasing

my activities with the Mantic pathfinders


There will still be times I will

place terrain projects on the blog

but it will now be the home to the

adventures of a Mantic Pathfinder

in one of the remote capital city's

around the world, Perth Western Australia.

Friday, September 21, 2012

the Future is bright

Well a lot has happened. I have received the first of my Mantic kickstarter I now have a new Ork and High elves under constuction I also have a new guard Army under construction using mantic Corp minis and forge world. It is now only a little bit more to build forgeworld army in Australia then a GW army so way not.

I have began to work on a Narrative campaign at the club. this will be one first 40k narrative campaigns I have run. This is why I have a new army on the go.

as follows  the NC

As we prepare for the narrative campaign
One of the big parts of the narrative campaign it is about the story of your army and its units, the battles they fight and the experience they gain.

So to get started we will need you to prepare a 700 pt army and give a write up of the army and the units. You will need to paint all your minis during the campaign and the sooner the better. If you use unpainted minis or no story for the unit you will have to suffer a penalty.

The other change is that I need you to create a Character.
What you need to do is create a hero (or Villain) who will lead their army.
Each player should come up with a name for their glorious leader and jot down a history for him.

So get to work, you campaign begins soon.

Any questions see Justin

Some basic rules.

This narrative campaign will also have an escalation feel about it.
Rd 1- 700pt                 4x4
Rd 2 – 1050pt             4x4     
Rd 3 – 1300pt             6x4
Rd 4 – 1600pt             6x4
Rd 5 – 2000pt             6x4

Anything is allowed. This includes forge world. You have to use the updated rules for 6th with them. It is theme and story that we are looking for.
This includes Non GW models and armies.

From round three you will be allowed to take allies- need to fit army theme.

You will be able to play as many games each round as you like against anybody in the Narrative campaign as all these results will count to the overall narrative.

We want painted armies so here are the rules if your unit is not all three coats and based min. they count as conscripts and are -2 on any leadership teats, and do not benefit from any rules that change it.
If your unit is painted and it gets into combat with unpainted unit gets hatred, this is for the first and second round of combat.

You will need to keep a record sheet of how well each of you units do as they earn experience that will give them bonuses as the campaign continues. This includes you
The group will be divided into sub sets this will depend on number and what forces we have being built. They will be around Imperil, chaos and alien threat. This may change as we have players sign up.
You can even play team mates, the future is a dark place and we still have internal out breaks. (There will be a consequence)

You get to spend 120pt for your armies HQ selection.
This will be a free addition not part of your 700pt army. This model has to be built and painted and a profile written to be used.
You also get to pick a warlord trait for him to start with pick from command or person trait list only.
This will be your armies’ leader and you will be the warlord.

If you take a psyker at any point the first psyker that arrives to work with your force.
We be able to choose their frist psychic power for him. If they are able to pick more then one then all others will be picked using the rules for psychic powers.
You will have to remain with the discipline you choose the first time for the remainder of the campaign (you train to do one discipline well)
If you psyker survives the game then he will be able to keep the power he has or choice to change to a new one from the same discipline.
If you die and each time you die you then get to follow the rules for picking you psychic powers as per rule book, you are to use the same discipline as you chose in the beginning.

Each game we play will require you to role for war zone traits as per BRB40k page 368.
As well as all terrain rules.

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