Well hi all,

over the past four years or so I have

been producing terrain for my gaming

needs well I Have now more terrain

then I need and have to find a new

direction for my gaming hobby.

So I have started to work as a

Mantic Pathfinder.

I love Kings of war , as well as

dead zone and Dreadball, so it was

easy to apply for the program.

So this blog will start with showcasing

my activities with the Mantic pathfinders


There will still be times I will

place terrain projects on the blog

but it will now be the home to the

adventures of a Mantic Pathfinder

in one of the remote capital city's

around the world, Perth Western Australia.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Terrain building- For FLGS

well I took home a box of terrain that I have loaned to the FLGS, the terrain needed some repair and mantaince work. Here is one of the concerns I have and no matter what you do it seems that it never will change. I laon my terrain to the FLGS in order for the store to build the miniture gamers so we have more players in the commuity, the issue is that these players see this terrain as free for all and do not take any care of it, they just use and dump. They do not report damage and just think that the store will replace it. So here again I go and repair the terrain and return it to the store with the hope that one day people will respect others work.
so I collected this box and bought it home for repair while it was out the FLGS, owner who was not in the store as he owns two and only works this one occasionly contacted me to tell me he lost my terrain, and his store team did not know what happened. Well the owner now has had a talk to his team about the terrain and to be more mindful of when it is used.
I have provided the store with a couple of table tops. I beleive that you must demo and have for use great tables for players to use in order for the games to build interest.

so this is one table of terrain I loaned the FLGS a dwarf table

the orc table I loan the FLGS 

the ocean table i have loaned them

well while I was talking to the owner of the FLGS he ask if I could build some terrain for the ocean table, I have now been working on some ice style terrain to put on the table.

with luck this should come up a treat for the table. the table has been glass coated so I have had to glass coat the terrain bases for the table.

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